Costello Financial Planning is a fee-only, independent firm.

Costello Financial Planning is a fee-only financial planning firm serving the Ann Arbor, MI, and Chicago, IL areas. Costello Financial Planning specializes in providing objective financial planning to help clients build, manage, grow, and protect their assets through life’s transitions.

We take a 30,000-foot view approach to help better plan for your future. As an independent, fee-only firm, we are built to look and feel different from your traditional Wall Street brokerage firms. As opposed to traditional Wall Street brokers who receive compensation for selling specific products or funds, we do not sell any products. We pride ourselves on transparency and acting in your best interests.

When you are planning your finances you need an advisor who will anticipate the major financial milestones for you and your family. Some of these events are easily foreseen, events like retirement, or college planning. Other life events, while not necessarily foreseeable, need to be addressed. Things like job changes, a liquidity an event, an unexpected health issue, or widowhood for those who must be ready to use what they have to maintain a given lifestyle.

Formulating a good plan is very important to your financial health, just like an accurate diagnosis is important in addressing a serious medical issue. A good plan, like a good diagnosis, requires a financial planner to ask the right questions and to assess accurately where things stand. So is a good plan the end of the job? Hardly.

A good plan, standing alone, just like an on-the-money diagnosis, does not solve the patient’s problem. The plan must be followed by a meticulous follow-up and execution. That is every bit as important as meticulous treatment for a medical issue.

So what exactly is it that we are proposing that will make your life better?

What we have seen, on many occasions, are clients who are fairly well-read; clients who understand what they should do; but for lack of time, or simply out of fear of the unknown, or for whatever reason, simply find it difficult to consistently manage a particular financial plan.