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Since starting in financial planning in 2007, our first clients were family. As we grow, our philosophy stays the same: Treat clients like family and everything will take care of itself. We believe this is the primary reason clients partner with us and often refer their friends, family, and colleagues. As a fee-only firm, Costello Financial Planning does not sell any products, and it never receives any commissions or kickbacks. Clients work with us because of our evidence-based philosophy and ongoing client-centric approach.

Costello Financial Planning has worked on a multitude of financial planning issues with clients. We use a consultative process to gain a detailed understanding of each client’s deepest values and most important goals. We then employ customized recommendations designed to address each client’s unique needs. We develop a specific investment portfolio, tailored to each clients’ risks and goals, and we form a partnership with our clients to guide them through life’s challenging financial decisions. This strategic process helped clients stay their course through the 2008 financial crisis and eventual recovery. Our clients find that working with fee-only financial planners in Ann Arbor and the other communities we serve is the right way to go.


Rob Costello, CFP®, Founder

For over 10 years, Rob has been a fee-only financial advisor. Rob received his B.S. in Finance from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He is a Certified Financial Planner and completed his CPA Preparation from Northwestern University School of Continuing Studies. The most important things to Rob are family, friends, and being there for his clients. Rob is passionate about aligning clients’ life goals with their finances and inspiring them to succeed. To reflect and reenergize, Rob loves to go on walks, hikes, and adventures with his family. He loves golfing, fishing, and playing all sports with friends.

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Paul Costello, CPA, Partner

Paul assists in CFP operations, working out of the Chicago Office. Paul is a licensed CPA, and has earned his Series 99 (FINRA’s Securities Operations Certification) and Series 65 (Investment Advisers Law). Paul also earned his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Accountancy from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Paul’s career started at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, and his most recent position was at Deutsche Bank, where he was a Vice President in their Global Markets division. Paul enjoys taking walks and playing sports, especially with his wife Melissa, who is also from the Chicagoland area. Paul also frequently cooks, especially barbecuing, for dinners with family and friends.  Paul also volunteers at St. Viator High School, where he coaches the throwers on the Track and Field team.

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We focus on helping professionals and their families by providing wealth management solutions via sound financial planning strategies. Together with our partners, we help clients address their five biggest concerns: preserving and growing wealth, mitigating taxes, taking care of heirs, protecting assets, and charitable giving.

Successful professionals and families partner with CFP to:

  • Develop and implement a comprehensive wealth management plan to help them reach their lifelong financial goals.
  • Make smarter decisions in today’s uncertain political, economic and social environment.
  • Obtain an independent second opinion from a top financial advisor in their community.

Fee Transparency:

  • Comprehensive Financial Plan:

    • .99% of first $1M of investable assets
    • .89% of next $1M
    • For plans over 2M, reduced percentage, or a negotiable flat fee depending on complexity and size of the plan.
    • Minimum $1,250 per quarter.
  • Corporate Retirement Plans:

    • Fixed dollar retainer structure
    • Fee-based off of complexity of the plan, number of participants, and plan assets.
    • Minimum $1,250 per quarter
    • The fee can be paid directly by the employer or indirectly through fee on participants’ plans

Professional Partners


We often find that Dimensional’s family of mutual funds provides the best choice for building portfolios targeted to our clients’ unique financial goals through all types of markets. While most of our portfolios incorporate Dimensional funds for their core holdings, we continue to study and evaluate investment options we feel are in our client’s best interest.


Security and privacy is our priority. That’s why we partner with one of the most reliable and secure platforms in the industry, and they are continually investing in updates to safeguard your assets. While clients grant us Limited Power of Attorney (LPOA) to execute trades on their behalf, accounts are held in their name and they receive independent monthly statements.

We collaborate with your advisors, like your accountant and estate planning attorney, to make sure there are no gaps in your plan. If you are in need of a professional, we are happy to provide you a referral. As a fee-only firm, we do not receive any compensation for our referrals. Our Professionals Partners have helped us personally or our clients.

Alliance Pension Consultants is a retirement plan record keeping, administration and consulting firm committed to providing comprehensive services in the development and maintenance of qualified retirement plans.

Since 1979, Alliance has been a leader in providing experienced and creative plan design and administration solutions. Its founder, Irving J. Sachs, was an established CPA and attorney whose mission was to provide unbiased and honest advice to clients. His passion, dedication and hard work were the seeds of the company’s growth, and, through the recruitment of bright professionals, it has developed an environment that promotes innovative thinking and spirit.


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Formulating a good plan is very important to your financial health, just like an accurate diagnosis is important in addressing a serious medical issue. A good plan, like a good diagnosis, requires a financial planner to ask the right questions and to assess accurately where things stand. So is a good plan the end of the job? Hardly.

A good plan, standing alone, just like an on-the-money diagnosis, does not solve the patient’s problem. The plan must be followed by a meticulous follow-up and execution. That is every bit as important as meticulous treatment for a medical issue.

So what exactly is it that we are proposing that will make your life better?

We see clients who are fairly well-read, but for lack of time or simply out of fear of the unknown, find it difficult to consistently manage a particular financial plan.