Usually, online offers that “could save you hundreds in just 10 minutes” are bogus and are just clickbait to direct you to a different website. However, today the FTC enforcement agency opened a portal to the general public to begin processing claims related to the data leak from Equifax in 2017. The breach affected 143 million citizens, but although you probably were impacted, it’s up to each person to check and to claim damages.

Luckily, the FTC has made it pretty simple for everyone. This is literally an opportunity for *FREE MONEY* but you do have to spend 5 minutes online filling out a form, and you have to meet certain criteria:

  1. You are among the 143 million people whose data was breached. (You can check eligibility via the link below.)
  2. You did something about it: Setting up monitoring, auditing your bank accounts/credit cards, freezing your credit, dealing with phony accounts opened in your name, etc., OR you suffered actual financial damages as a result of credit fraud.
  3. You currently have any sort of credit monitoring (including Credit Karma or other free or paid-for services).

The link above will guide you through the process of checking whether you are eligible to file a claim. Even with no documentation on what you did after the data breach, you can still recover up to $125 (or get years of free credit monitoring). If you did have more serious financial or credit distress as a result, please reach out to Paul or Rob and we will help you through the recovery process. This could be your best window to recover from Equifax’s errors, so don’t wait. You have until January 22nd, 2020.