1. Look Before You Leap: Choosing A Financial Advisor

    Most people need help managing their personal finances but not everyone chooses to work with a certified financial planner. Why? Often it is a lack of understanding the purpose and value of hiring a financial planner and what kind of planner is best for their requirements. Choosing a financial plan…Read More

  2. Why Are Large Banks Running Away From the Fiduciary Rule?

    In 2016, the U.S. Department of Labor announced new regulations implementing a fiduciary standard for retirement accounts and other qualified accounts such as IRAs. By law, a fiduciary acts in the client's best interest. An advisor or broker would have to reveal to the client how and why they are no…Read More

  3. Nurturing Healthy Habits (Baby Steps)

    One of the most thrilling roles I experienced during the past two-and-a-half years is being a dad. I know my wife, Jandi, feels the same about being a mom. I also know there is one critical area, which could have caused us to have a very different experience with our son, Charlie, had we not decided…Read More

  4. The Presidential Election, the Stock Market, and Eggs

    I love eggs. I like them for breakfast, lunch, dinner; I love them scrambled, poached, boiled, in an omelette--whatever, whenever--I love them. What protein-rich food is as flavorful, flexible, and easy to prepare for a quick and satisfying meal?  Who doesn't like eggs? Well neither my dad, my moth…Read More

  5. Know the Game

    Board games are common family pastimes that recall times of joy, laughter, and closeness. Not in my family. Anger, competition, and disagreements were common, especially in Monopoly and Scrabble. At least one family member would quit before the game officially ended. The game was always under protes…Read More