1. How to Make Financial Decisions with Your Partner

    Do you ever feel as though you’re not communicating well with your partner? Do you wonder whether they heard what you said? Whether they understood a point you made? Maybe even whether you’re speaking a different language? Most everyone feels this way at some time or other. I know I do. For exam…Read More

  2. “Of course we should stick to our plan . . . But maybe, . . . ?”

    Last quarter the markets took us on a wild ride. Even the ears of investors who don’t follow financial news perk up when the DOW plummets 1,000 points in a matter of hours. Although a drop like this may grab your attention and flood your brain with doubt, you also realize that we have lived throug…Read More

  3. 7 Financial Planning Steps To Review Before the End of the Year

    Markets by nature are uncertain, whereas certain planning steps are pretty well defined. The hard part is implementing these steps. With kids’ sports in full session and the holidays approaching, the end of the year creeps up on us. With that in mind, here are seven critical steps we will review b…Read More

  4. CFP In The News

    I had the privilege to be on Sirius XM Business Radio powered by Wharton Business School with professor Kent Smetters. We fielded calls from listeners. Kent is the Interim Faculty Director of the Penn Wharton Public Policy Initiative. Your Money Sirius XM Radio…Read More

  5. What I Am Reading

    Keeping Things Simple and Tuning out Folly (Farnam Street) To Get a Job in Your 50s, Maintain Friendships in Your 40s (New York Times) Beneath Chicago's Gloss (City Journal) The Middle-Class Squeeze (Wall Street Journal) Pete Sampras Letter to My Younger Self (The Players Tribune) Poor People Are Ge…Read More

  6. Amazing Tips to a Better Golf Game and Retirement from Tiger Woods’s Coach

    You probably know Hank Haney for his work on the golf course – namely, coaching Tiger Woods during arguably Woods’s most successful stretch as a professional. Haney’s golf expertise is featured in numerous magazines, several books, and even a personal television series. Were you also aware tha…Read More

  7. Start Here

    Evidence-Based Investor is a hub to help you gain insights and to help you plan your financial journey. Whether you are advancing in your profession or are already an expert in your field, we are here to make your life easier. The elimination of pensions has shifted financial responsibility from emp…Read More