1. Possibility, Probability, and Playing the Game

    With the suspension of the NBA season due to COVID-19, followed by cancellations of most other professional sports' seasons, I was left with a void in my life that watching repeats of old games could not fill. But then the ESPN docuseries, The Last Dance, captured my attention on Sunday nights. The …Read More

  2. Happy Halloween! Hope you enjoyed the rain and snow.

    Happy Halloween! Everyone had a great time.  We all trick or treated. Charlie counted 64 pieces of candy and shot bow and arrows at cardboard targets. Dean ate candy for the first time. Needless to say, Dean loves candy.…Read More

  3. State by State Comprehensive Taxes: Who Really Pays the Most?

    When it comes to paying taxes of any kind, there are two concepts that invariably hold true. First, nobody likes paying them. Second, most people think they pay more than their fair share. In the Midwest, and in Illinois in particular, many people are talking about why our taxes are so high. It is n…Read More

  4. Equifax Claim – Save Money

    Usually, online offers that "could save you hundreds in just 10 minutes" are bogus and are just clickbait to direct you to a different website. However, today the FTC enforcement agency opened a portal to the general public to begin processing claims related to the data leak from Equifax in 2017. Th…Read More

  5. New Baby

    CFP is happy to introduce its newest addition to the family.  On Monday, 7/15, Patrick Jordan Costello was delivered into the world at Northwest Community Hospital in Arlington Heights.  Following his parents' affinity for numbers, the 7/15 baby weighed in at 7lbs 15 oz.  Mom and baby are both he…Read More

  6. Noise versus Substance

    Amid tariff wars and temporary truces, Brexit bewilderment, and the Fed potentially lowering the federal funds rate, we continue to stay the course and capture market returns. You probably already agree it makes sense to ignore noisy distractions in pursuit of your financial goals. But how do you kn…Read More