Your family finances matter. Handling them correctly can mean the difference between living comfortably versus struggling to make ends meet. We at Costello Financial Planning value sound financial strategies that help our clients live more comfortably and fully. We would like to help with your family finances so you can enjoy life more. Whether your overall wealth is modest or substantial, you can take steps to protect your investments and have access to the funds that you need for your expenses now. Turn to the Ann Arbor or Chicago offices of Costello Financial Planning for savvy financial advice regarding your family finances.

  1. Happy Halloween! Hope you enjoyed the rain and snow.

    Happy Halloween! Everyone had a great time.  We all trick or treated. Charlie counted 64 pieces of candy and shot bow and arrows at cardboard targets. Dean ate candy for the first time. Needless to say, Dean loves candy.…Read More

  2. New Baby

    CFP is happy to introduce its newest addition to the family.  On Monday, 7/15, Patrick Jordan Costello was delivered into the world at Northwest Community Hospital in Arlington Heights.  Following his parents' affinity for numbers, the 7/15 baby weighed in at 7lbs 15 oz.  Mom and baby are both he…Read More

  3. Happy Halloween

    The Dad Tax or Mom Tax noun The act of protecting your children by inspecting their candy and taking a third for your troubles. Have a safe and Happy Halloween!…Read More

  4. Look Before You Leap: Choosing A Financial Advisor

    Most people need help managing their personal finances but not everyone chooses to work with a certified financial planner. Why? Often it is a lack of understanding the purpose and value of hiring a financial planner and what kind of planner is best for their requirements. Choosing a financial plan…Read More

  5. Know the Game

    Board games are common family pastimes that recall times of joy, laughter, and closeness. Not in my family. Anger, competition, and disagreements were common, especially in Monopoly and Scrabble. At least one family member would quit before the game officially ended. The game was always under protes…Read More

  6. Mother Knows Best (Happy Mother’s Day)

    My journey into high school learning almost ended before it began. One afternoon during the first week of class, after a rigorous couple hours playing soccer, I fell violently ill with what I thought was a flu bug. I could not keep any food or beverage down and I felt miserable. After a day or two …Read More

  7. How to Make Financial Decisions with Your Partner

    Do you ever feel as though you’re not communicating well with your partner? Do you wonder whether they heard what you said? Whether they understood a point you made? Maybe even whether you’re speaking a different language? Most everyone feels this way at some time or other. I know I do. For exam…Read More

  8. 7 Financial Planning Steps To Review Before the End of the Year

    Markets by nature are uncertain, whereas certain planning steps are pretty well defined. The hard part is implementing these steps. With kids’ sports in full session and the holidays approaching, the end of the year creeps up on us. With that in mind, here are seven critical steps we will review b…Read More

  9. CFP In The News

    I had the privilege to be on Sirius XM Business Radio powered by Wharton Business School with professor Kent Smetters. We fielded calls from listeners. Kent is the Interim Faculty Director of the Penn Wharton Public Policy Initiative. Your Money Sirius XM Radio…Read More