Paul Costello




Alma Mater:
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Arlington Heights, IL

Education and Expertise

Paul worked in the futures trading and Wall Street banking industries for seven years before switching to a more fulfilling role as a fee-only financial advisor with his brother Rob at Costello Financial Planning. Paul received his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Accountancy from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He is a Certified Series 99 professional and is studying to pass his 4th and final CPA exam. Paul has always enjoyed discussing tax and personal finance solutions with friends, family, and on online forums.

What Paul Loves Most About CFP

Using his financial skill set to help real people directly, rather than Wall Street banks and financial institutions.

Paul’s Favorites


  • Any sport involving catching and throwing
  • Gardening and houseplants
  • Cooking
  • Homebrewing

Sports Team:
Chicago Bulls

Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury


Favorite Food:
Barbecue Burnt Ends

2018 Goals:

Working with Rob at CFP, meeting CFP clients face-to-face and helping with their financial planning needs, auditing CFP books and processes, completing CPA tests, and studying for CFP tests.

Trip with my wife to Italy, continuing with improvements to my new home in Arlington Heights, and taking more trips to Ann Arbor to see my godson.

Annual Lake Geneva golf trip, ultimate Frisbee league in Schaumburg, and signing up friends who truly need financial planning help.

Continuing to play basketball or ultimate Frisbee once a week, taking more walks with my wife and our dog, running five miles in under 40 minutes, and fitting into my suit from college.

Developing the perfect recipe for homemade kombucha, expanding my vegetable garden to 200 plants, brewing, bottling, and gifting 150 bottles of homemade wines, building a new backyard smoker for barbecuing, and building a backyard pond with a waterfall.