Costello Financial Planning’s complementary discovery process provides you with a clear understanding of your current situation and specific recommendations to reach your goals.

Understanding You

We conduct an in-depth discovery meeting to organize where you are now, where you want to go in the future and discover what is important to you. We illustrate this process with a Mind Map report.

Test Before You Invest

We give you the opportunity to see how we work by providing analysis before you become a client. In order to assist in that analysis, we go through the following steps:

Understand Your Risk Number

Portfolio Review

  • Stocks 60%
  • Bonds 20%
  • Alternative 20%

Becoming A Client

CFP commits to act as a fiduciary by providing conflict-free advice, guidance, and partnership. While clients can leave at any time, they tend to refer their family, friends, and colleagues. The first step in the process is to