Working with Costello Financial Planning


We pride ourselves on transparency and acting in your best interests. As a fiduciary, we are legally bound to act in your best interests. We are also “fee-only financial planners,” which means we do not sell products and 100% of our revenue comes directly from clients. You can be confident the advice we give you is based on understanding and expertise, not commissions.

Comprehensive Financial Planning

By providing comprehensive advice and specialized expertise, we help organize and align our client’s financial life. Combining investment management and financial planning helps us provide a better experience and results for our clients.

Our Relationships

Comprehensive Financial Planning allows us to have deeper relationships. Therefore, we limit the number of relationships each financial advisor can have.

Working with Most Other Firms

Conflicted Interests

The financial service industry is plagued by conflicts of interest and lack of transparency may put clients at a disadvantage. Why else would the industry be fighting so hard to avoid government regulations that require a fiduciary standard?

Product Sales

Other firms may have sales goals to push a certain product to hit quotas. The products may not always be bad, but they are sold to the investor for the wrong reason.

Profit Before People

For most firms, their primary obligation is to increase shareholder value, which means the bottom line is more important than making a difference in people’s lives.